48hr Jam for South Australia-based Video Game Composers, Musicians, SFX Artists, and people of all Audio Wizardry

SAGAJ 2020 is now over. Thank you all who participated!
The final mix video will premiere on the Soundworlds Youtube Channel on Saturday 19th December at 10:00am. 
You will be able to watch it [here].


Entries' Required Sound Sample: DOWNLOAD

When: December 11th 5pm - 13th 5pm
For: SA based musicians, sfx artists, or anyone else who wants to make some noise!

Location: Physically, wherever you are. But you can also hang out with other jammers in the #audio-jam-2020-chat channel on Discord here:

Jammers have 48hrs to create a piece of music / soundscape / audio creation that is anywhere between 40 seconds and 4 minutes. 

There’s no competition, but everyone’s entries will be combined into a Video Mixtape and a Zip File that is hosted on the Soundworlds YouTube Channel and Soundworlds website. Each entry will include credit to the artist or team's name and a web link of their choice.

One submission is allowed for each artist or team.

Here’s another cool part: the contents of this resulting music/sfx pack will be free for game developers to use in their own video games (with attribution to the artist).

Theme: No strict theme, however Jammers will be provided with one sound effect that they will need to use in *some* capacity in creating the final composition. That sound effect will be posted at the top of this page once the Jam begins. Be as creative and take it as far as you want!

In fact, if you happen to take a video showing just how creatively you've used the sound and include it in your submission, we'll include it in an extra compilation video on the Soundworlds Youtube Channel.

Uploading / Submission will all be done through this Google Form:


Just submit your work before 5pm 13th December, and you're in!

Note you will need a Google Account, but this is what helps the form tie submission files to the other submission info.

Licensing: So to help clarify, in entering this Jam, this is how your audio composition (music, soundscape, sound effects, sound collage, spoken word, etc) will be licensed: 

  • Your audio composition will be included in a compilation video on the Soundworlds Youtube channel, and the Soundworlds website. The artist name(s) of your choice will be credited for that composition.

  • It will be included in a zip containing all entries, which will be available for download.

  • These compositions will be allowed to be used for free in any video game project (commercial or non-commercial), given that they give credit to your artist name(s) in any release of that game that it is used.

  • These compositions will be provided "as is" to developers who choose to use them, meaning that you are not liable for any unsavoury products that are created using your audio.

  • Apart from those points, you still own your piece. Use it in your own portfolio, your own game, your own video, or sell it. Your art is yours!

You can read the full license that will be included with the distributed SAGAJ20 audio pack here: SAGAJ20 Audio Usage License

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Get excited - let's end 2020 with some noise!

John Oestmann