Release: To Be Announced

The dynamic and fast-paced gameplay of Melonhead Games' Rooftop Renegade required music that both dynamically changes based on the player's skill and potently paints the atmospheres of each of the game's worlds.

Soundworlds composed the music and then programmed it in using FMOD and Unreal Editor.


Samples from Various Projects



A few words from John Oestmann, Composer and Founder

I grew up immersed in video games and movies and so naturally as the love of creating music emerged in my own life, it became apparent that I wanted to create worlds that people could explore.

I've also been fortunate to have studied Honours in Multimedia at the University of South Australia, as well as lived and traveled abroad over the years. Through these experiences, I also developed an appreciation for music's power to elevate people through highly personal experiences.

Soundworlds was founded on the vision of building a studio that is bedrocked on the fusion of these two values: creating music that paints vivid worlds, while building powerful personal experiences.

It quickly became clear to me that video games are the most potent way to impact our audiences in these ways. If you bring your passion for your video game project, we will bring our passion for its music.

I look forward to hearing about what you are creating!