Encyclopedia of Worlds

The Photonstream

A superhighway of photons for ships with Solar Sails to ride through galaxies, wormholes and back home.

Hyperway Station Construction Zone

Still under construction and yet one of most popular spots for high-speed underground races.

Antarcticus IV

This ghostly industrialised ice comet seems to appear randomly in different systems due to its highly complex trajectory.

Windfields of Leviathan

The bright and windy open fields of southern Leviathan frame the original course that started Racer competitions as we know it.

Myra Megafortress Ruins

These drifting ruins were once one of the most feared AI fortresses in the stars.

Shoji Satellite

The Architect's Satellite is a central hub for the Interstellar Racer Federation. The markets hosted there are essential for any serious Racer.

Double Prism Ark

The crystalline artificial comet created as a piece of art by a not-yet-discovered artist. It looks to serve another purpose too..


Beneath its completely ocean surface hides fluorescent forests of sea life and research stations.

Luz Verde

Entering this green paradise is a 27-year commitment - but the vitality it brings may just be worth it.